Sky concepts Entertainment is an event management, event planning and event promotion company whose objective is to provide you with the best entertainment the world has to offer and that will meet your expectation. In Sky Concepts Entertainment, we took pride in what we do, that is why we carefully select the kind of events we do, the kind of party we organize and the type of talent we promote. We promote a versatile genre of music along with diverse crowd. Many people who have come to our events usually come back for more. Our website is design to provide you with the details information about our upcoming events and their locations. The store page section helps you to see the type of products and merchandise we display for sale. To know more about our upcoming event we encourage you to sign up on our e-newsletter located on the contact page. In every event / concert we have organized and promoted, there is always excitement and energy because Sky Concepts Entertainment brings it.

Type of events and talents we have promoted:


The following are the names of the talents that have performed in our various events and djs we have worked with in the past;

  • Kenny Lattimore
  • Chico Debarge
  • Christopher Williams
  • Adina Howard

International Artist like: 

  • Flavour N’Abania
  • Iyanya
  • Basket Mouth
  • Big Klef, Filon Jay, Baknhs) R.O.D project
  • Earth the Jerk, London
  • Veronica Timms
  • Kenya Music
  • Tracy Cruz
  • Deltrice
  • PlatnumPlatnum

And the djs are as follows

  • Dj Rick Lee
  • Dj Juice
  • Dj Slowpoke
  • Dj Burt, Dc*
  • Dj Hector
  • Dj Tunde
  • Dj Jayhit
  • Dj Thom e.t.c.

We look forward seeing you in our next events.